Testimonials From Past Students

“The Daily Dozen webinar was universally positive. The course and curriculum delivered content well beyond what you promised. The recordings allowed me to access information when I could fit it conveniently into my schedule and enabled me to take in the content more deeply. This twelve-week format makes the content easier to absorb. I can tweak our fundraising here, add an element there. I especially liked all the written materials and resources that complemented the lessons. They helped me to grab the real meat and not have to scramble to understand and remember the most important points. I will use all the materials for others on our development team. I kept everything. I strongly recommend this program for nonprofit professionals regardless of where you are in your career—just started in fundraising, years of experience, or a leader of a nonprofit. There is information – and inspiration – of great value for everyone.”

- Brien Lewis, President
Catawba College

“Focused On Fundraising is a superb online resource! If you want to upgrade your skills, understanding, and confidence to raise resources for any worthy cause or campaign, invest in your personal development with Focused On Fundraising. Sign up now for The Daily Dozen: Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers, taught by Ben Case. Ben has earned a sterling reputation in non-profit circles by connecting the passion and resources of people with means to causes and organizations that stand for noble purposes. With over thirty-nine years of consistent success, Ben has distilled his wisdom into this superb twelve-lesson course rich with practical tips, motivating wisdom, and an overall curriculum that works. Focused On Fundraising provides the best e-learning opportunity for fundraisers—effective, affordable and inspirational!”

- Thomas P. McDevitt, Chairman
The Washington Times 


“The Focused On Fundraising course, The Daily Dozen: Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers was worth it! It is a resource I refer to all the time. The many facets — video lecture, questions and answers, handouts and additional resources increase the value. Different classes resonate at different times. The information has helped me personally and professionally. I highly recommend The Daily Dozen!”

- Jaclyn Hage, Development Associate
North Carolina State University, College of Design


“I would absolutely recommend The Daily Dozen to all development professionals. The best part was that the course gave me an in-depth and systematic process for all stages of donor cultivation, understanding a donor’s passion, solicitation, closing the gift, and most importantly, best practices with stewardship. The resources were extremely helpful with deepening my understanding and ability to thoroughly implement each weekly habit. All of the content and the structure of a twelve-week course provided me with professional training that I knew would grow my skills, and more importantly, my confidence in fundraising. You can’t put a price-tag on affordable and effective professional development training that boosts both confidence and skill.”

- Jennifer Piercy, Executive Director
Pulp and Paper Foundation of North Carolina State University

“Five years into my role as a development officer, and being comfortable with seeking four-figure gifts, I decided to invest in my professional growth. I chose Focused On Fundraising and their course, The Daily Dozen: Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers taught by Ben Case. Through this course along with Ben’s guidance and encouragement on major gifts, I am seeing results by closing five-figure gifts. This course is packed with so many hints suggestions & ideas – I highly recommend it.”

- Luke Weaver, Director of Ministry Relations
Victory Weekend

“Being a part of Focused On Fundraising’s course, The Daily Dozen: Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers was invaluable. Ben Case shared his wisdom and experience through quality presentations which have been easy to implement into my fundraising. In addition, Ben was very personable and available throughout the course. All of the material remained available for review throughout the program and afterwards. I know I will be referring back to what I learned for a long while to come.”

- Josiah Vega, Development Associate
Georgia Center for Opportunity

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