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Did you know nonprofit executives identify the hiring and retention of qualified, successful fundraising staff as their greatest challenge?

While the success of a fundraising executive is often evaluated based on the amount of money they raise, their days are often driven by the “tyranny of the urgent”. Most have limited time to coach and mentor their fundraising team members. Generic fundraising or management training seminars can provide some value, but research shows that 86% of what is learned from such trainings is forgotten within 30 days.

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So how do nonprofit leaders, managers and fundraisers ensure that their teams succeed?

Focused On Fundraising has the answer - Focused On Fundraising Coaching and Mentoring (C/M).

  • Focused On Fundraising C/M is a customized partnership with the nonprofit to intentionally integrate and apply best practices in fundraising, management and leadership with the nonprofit’s programs.
  • Focused On Fundraising C/M is a personalized coaching and mentoring program based on commitment and trust that instills confidence in fundraising teams.
  • This customized partnership provides the necessary structure for the fundraiser or the fundraising team to raise more money, manage and lead stronger fundraising programs to empower your nonprofit to the next level of success.
  • To maximize success, Focused On Fundraising C/M utilizes our exclusive “Daily Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers®”, which is based on Ben Case’s 42 years of experience, personal interviews with 30 highly successful fundraisers and feedback from hundreds of fundraising professionals, managers and leaders.
  • Through this intentional process, Focused On Fundraising C/M permanently influences behaviors and practices to produce immediate and long-term enhanced results.
  • Focused On Fundraising C/M provides options for team, group, and individual coaching that includes both live and recorded content.

Ben And His Team Have Worked With Nonprofits Including

“Ben is a consummate professional. He developed a customized program to help train our team and to individually coach each major gift officer. In six months, major gifts increased by more than 20 percent, thanks to the world-class practices Ben shared!”

— Janice, Executive Director

“Thank you for meeting yesterday. Your advice turned out to be timely. Both meetings today went better because of it. Perfect timing! Impactful help!”

— Dan, Major Gifts Officer


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