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Get trained by fundraising guru Ben Case, President of Case Consulting Services, Inc. Learn his expert secrets gained from 40 years of helping nonprofits raise $4.3 billion.

"Focused on Fundraising provides the best eLearning opportunity for fundraisers:
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Our online training enables fundraisers everywhere to raise more money and invest in their professional development

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The “Tip” is a free resource designed as a one-minute read, shared six days a week via email on the basic principles of fundraising.

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The Daily Dozen: Habits of
Highly Successful Fundraisers

Ben's exclusive curriculum provides a comprehensive twelve-week training course. Benefit from the knowledge of Ben’s 40 years of fundraising experience infused with years of research including interviews and surveys of highly successful fundraisers. This curriculum includes the twelve most necessary habits that all fundraisers need to be proficient in to maximize their major gifts success.

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